Rosacea is a skin condition that makes it appear like a person has very rosy cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Their skin can appear simply flushed or it can be as severe as having broken blood vessels, thin dry cracked skin, and cystic acne lesions in the affected areas .


Many articles indicate that the causes of rosacea are unknown and there are no cures for rosacea, only treatment methods to help ease the appearance. However, I’ve found these statements to be generally inaccurate. There are many triggers for rosacea flare ups — so many, in fact that it can make it very difficult to pinpoint any one cause, making it harder to identify a proven cure for the condition.


However, if you look more closely, you can get an idea of the underlying conditions that contribute to a particular case of rosacea, which helps to create a better treatment plan. An effective plan covers not just the skin, but the systemic pattern involved with the skin’s reaction. The combination of the two creates an extremely effective treatment plan and offers relief from this chronic skin disorder.


One of the key parts of our rosacea treatment plans at Smooth is to start with a full consultation to determine which lifestyle and homeostasis components may be contributing to the condition. As well, we  review current skin health and explore how home care could also be hindering the skin’s healing — or perhaps even increasing the severity of the condition. Most people mistakenly identify their skin as “sensitive” and do as little as possible out of fear of triggering a flare up.


While this may seem like a smart approach, using little to nothing on the skin or using  “sensitive” skin creams that are generally very heavy will only make the skin sicker. All skin types need movement in order to maintain homeostasis and achieve their ultimate health. When we leave our skin alone, it rapidly breaks down and becomes stagnant. The layers of dead skin cells accumulate, starving the healthy cells underneath of water and oxygen they need, and letting toxins build and attack living cells. To further aggravate this situation, inflammation will build up and get trapped, breaking down capillaries and hosting stagnant blood. In my practice, proper home care is essential to treat rosacea. Without the right tools to maintain your skin’s health, any laser treatments performed in our clinic will lead to potential treatment failure.


The list below includes some recommended rosacea products that help provide a healthier skin foundation for rosacea treatment success and maintenance.


  • ZO Exfoliating Cleanser and/or ZO Normacleanse: Both are Ph balancing and will activate hydration factors deep in the epidermal layers to initiate healthy activity.


  • ZO Vitascrub: This exfoliating polish is recommended for severe forms of rosacea with a thick build up of dead skin cells mixed with excess oil. This is used for what I refer to as “breaking down the calloused layers of the skin.”


  • ZO Glycogent Exfoliating Accelerator: A perfect combination of glycolic acid and lactic acid. Glycolic acid loves keratin and effectively absorbs any excess found on the surface layers of the skin. This ensures there is no overgrowth of dead skin cells, enabling proper breath and organization through the epidermal cells’ life — which equals “movement”. Meanwhile, lactic acid loves water and searches for it upon application. As it hunts for water, it helps drive the glycolic acid along with it, making exfoliation very efficient. It also has the ability to activate hydration factors in the skin, releasing water and hydrating living cells in the epidermis. Once the acids meet water in the skin, they become naturalized and are no longer active.


  • ZO Cebatrol Pads: Oil control is essential to treat rosacea. Most clients confuse the overgrowth of dead skin cells for very dry skin and are perplexed to hear they need oil control. However, any attack on the skin produces an oil gland activation reaction, as oil is one of our skin’s defense mechanisms that creates a barrier against a foreign object’s ability to reach living cells. The initial inflammation in rosacea skin initiates this oil gland response. However, with an imbalanced dead skin barrier, the oil becomes trapped and generates another inflammatory response, producing more oil and more inflammation. Cebatrol pads not only breakdown and absorb excess oil, they also have plant extracts that homeopathically calm the oil production process. This is a key component for rosacea maintenance.


  • ZO Daily Power Defense: Another hydration accelerator and up-regulator for the deeper layers of living skin cells. Water is so important for these moving cells to stay organized and functioning as they are supposed to. When we achieve this balance, our skin barrier behaves properly and we no longer feel dry, dull and in need of moisturizer. This system makes it clear that moisturizers that simply sit on the dead cell surface do not help our skin, but rather make it sick. Daily Power Defense also supplies the skin with important antioxidants and amino acids that are the building blocks for DNA and proper cell duplication and function.


  • ZO Rozatrol: The patented combination of active ingredients in this serum help to dull the inflammatory response in the skin, while normalizing blood flow that is abundant in rosacea skin conditions. In turn, this also helps to decrease excess oil production, leaving the skin stabilized throughout the day and night.


  • ZO Brightenex: A 1% retinol formulation designed to help accelerate the movement of dying cells trapped in the epidermis. These sick, slow-moving cells are no longer contributing to a healthy functioning skin layer.  While many people will initially assume that a retinol would be too aggressive for a condition like rosacea, it is actually just what this condition needs. The more movement we can kickstart in the skin, the more the skin can breath and replace the cells with healthier, vibrant cells. This action also encourages the release of trapped inflammation, which creates more of a flow. Brightenex is developed with anti-inflammatory agents to help support the skin.


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