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Laser treatments use a process called “Photo Selective Thermolysis”. This process works by selectively heating up a target in the skin i.e: blood vessels, pigment, oil glands, water, to a point that creates a reaction within the selected target such as coagulation, evaporation, collagen synthesis (wound healing). Your laser specialist has the ability to correct and repair epidermal and dermal intrinsic and extrinsic age related conditions that appear on the skin over time, using the appropriate laser applications.

At Smooth we use only the highest quality medical grade skin care to help maintain and increase results for corrective treatments. Medical grade skin care provides patients with integral, protected, active ingredients that create movement and activity for healing and prevention. We encourage and educate all of our patients on healthy home maintenance through proper skin care and nutrition. Our brands are known worldwide and are held in the highest regard within the medical cosmetic community. Smooth carries: ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical by Dr. Obagi, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup and Lycogel Camouflage Makeup.

Laser treatments can help reduce the occurrence of acne break outs by a process involving photo-selective absorption and controlled heating. The laser ND Yag laser light can penetrate the skin to an optimal treatment depth in which any blood vessels that feed the oil gland will absorb the light energy and effectively shut down the overactive oil gland. The bulk heating effect of this treatment accelerates the healing process by stimulating collage production. In turn this treatment leads to more long term benefits and results.


“I cannot recommend smooth enough! Aimee is amazing! such a professional, she made me feel so comfortable during my procedures. I had laser hair removal on my legs, and after just 1 treatment I noticed an incredible difference, after 2 more I have nearly no new growth! I also had heat sculpting treatments, it has been a fantastic experience, I have dropped at least one pant size within two treatments and definitely noticed a tightening of the skin in my problem area. This treatment is perfect for the last push when trying to tone up. Be sure to check Smooth out, you will not be disappointed!”

“Aimee has been taking care of people’s skin for a long time. She’s knowledgeable, caring and quite simply brilliant at her procedures and explaining carefully to the client what the process is and how it will benefit them. Two treatments in and I look fantastic – refreshed, younger, and brighter. My skin is beautiful and youthful again. I highly recommend this clinic as part of your commitment to your anti-aging regimen!”

“I struggled with oversized pores and major oil production for many years and I have tried a large variety of skin care products without great success. I am so grateful to have found Aimee who took time to develop a skin care plan for me and explain the rationale behind it. She believes in her products and after some time using them I finally found something that works. She also performed laser treatment for me and this has greatly reduced my oil production and pore size! I often used to carry oil-blotting pads in my pocket to reduce oil throughout the day and I no longer need this! I have been a client of Aimee’s for over one year and I strongly recommend her.”

I had a lot of acne in my late teens and had trouble with picking at it and popping pimples. I ended up having red scars all over my face and continued to get acne. Then I discovered Smooth Skin Health and I feel like it has changed my life in so many ways! I recommend these treatments for anyone struggling with acne.