Why I do the radical night repair challenge

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Why Radical Night Repair Challenge? Wondering if you are a good candidate for the challenge? Here are a few good reasons why we say BRING ON THE PEEL! 1. You could be using all of the right skincare and taking the best care of your skin, but that does not necessarily mean that your skin is healthy. The environment [...]

The Royale Smooth with a BOOST… Pigment Fiction

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  It was once said to me “Don’t be silly Aimee, there’s no creativity in medicine”. I pondered on that comment for some time. Then it dawned on me just how inaccurate this statement is! Without creativity in medicine, we wouldn’t exist. Medicine follows a scientific pathway, however, it takes a creative mind to find these scientific paths [...]

We Love our Silver and Royal Blue

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If you’ve passed through our doors at Smooth Skin Health Centre, there is no doubt that you've noticed our vibrant royal blue and chrome colour theme. It’s no coincidence that Smooth’s colors match those of our favorite medical skincare line, ZO Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi. Beyond the welcoming and stylish colours, in my professional opinion, ZO provides consistent [...]

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