COVID-19 Client Update

Your well-being, and the safety of our staff and the public are our utmost priority.

  1. You will have had to answer an over-the-phone questionnaire in order to schedule an appointment.
  2. Patients will be seen only for scheduled appointments. Please arrive at your allotted time as we are spacing individual visits in order to limit encounters with other patients. Our waiting room has been designed to allow for adequate social distancing of a limited number of patients.
  3. Call when you are near the office or outside so we can check you in and make sure the room is ready for you.
  4. You should come alone or, if absolutely necessary, with a same-household family member. Children are not to accompany you unless they have an appointment.
  5. Please bring a mask when entering the clinic.
  6. You will be tested for temperature and COVID-19 (rapid antibody test) upon arrival, where possible.
  7. Do not be disturbed by all staff wearing masks.
  8. Use the hand sanitizers we have in every room and please avoid long hand contact with surfaces.
  9. Once your mask is removed, don’t talk while you are examined unless asked to do so.
  10. We are spacing patient visits adequately to ensure privacy and to limit contact with other patients.

“ My goal with Smooth Anti-Aging and Skin Health Centre is to provide the most ethical, direct and helpful treatment options along with maintenance programs that will showcase clear results for our customers. My philosophy is to empower consumers with education in order to give them the power of knowledge when investing in themselves and their skin”