Freckles and Solar Lentiginies - Smooth Skin Health Centre Hamilton


Freckles are small flat brown marks arising on the face that are caused by the sun. Lentigines are due to localized proliferation arising in middle age and also result from sun damage (age spots).

Treat Freckles and Solar Lentigines

Smooth Skin Health Centre can treat problem freckles or solar lentigines on your skin. We have multiple options to effectively treat these forms of pigmentation issues. Depending on the depth and amount of the pigmentation, Aimee will recommend combination treatments of functional topical skin care systems, followed by the Q-Switch ND Yag and KTP laser system to effectively target the pigment and break it down, forcing your skin to clear the pigment fragments. A full treatment plan will be designed for you during your consultation.


Not all pigmentation presents the same and therefore should not all be treated in the same manner. It is not easy for the untrained eye to differentiate between freckles, solar lentigines (sun spots), moles (nevi), melasma and seborrheic keratosis (benign skin lesions). Most people don’t even know what all those terms mean, let alone how to treat them. It is for this reason that off the shelf products are ill-equipped to effectively treat all pigmentation – yet they promise to brighten the skin. IPL’s are a wonderful way to treat more superficial pigmentation such as freckling and solar lentigines, however, it does not treat seborrheic keratosis or melasma. Furthermore, the heat generated within the skin during an IPL can interact with deeper dermal pigmentation such as melasma, and with subsequent treatments, leaves you at risk of exacerbating the existing condition.

At Smooth, we select methods to treat each individual pigmentation concerns while respecting surrounding tissue interaction.

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