We love those amazing little Skin Omegas because they are amazing for the skin. People with any skin type, whether dry or sensitive, can benefit from including skin omegas in their skincare routine.

Omegas are also known as “good fats”. They are a proprietary blend of Bioidentical Vitamin A+ which contributes to the maintenance of normal healthy skin. These “good fats” enhance the function of the cell membrane by feeding the outer cell shealth with the fat’s it requires to maintain it’s shape and hold water within the cell. ¬†This ensures the cytoplasm is carrying out the cell’s functions in the perfect manner. The Vitamin A+ molecule helps the skin cells utilize the Omegas that much more efficiently, which speeds up skin repair as well as having tremendous anti-inflammatory effects.

The benefits of Skin Omegas are quite incredible. They reduce inflammation, stimulate blood circulation to the skin, increase the skin’s overall hydration and smoothness, and help maintain a strong protective barrier. Incorporating Omegas into your daily regimen is essential for harmonious health within the body. Omegas are especially beneficial for brain function and cognitive health. Skin Omegas are amazing to smooth your complexion and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing!