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Hot sculpting is a fat reduction treatment that specifically destroys subcutaneous fat cells.

Smooth Hot Sculpting Treatment

Hot Sculpting is a fat reduction treatment that specifically destroys subcutaneous fat cells. Using laser energy, the hemoglobin surrounding the fat cells absorbs this energy and heats up to a temperature that the fat cells can’t tolerate. By maintaining this particular heat for a specific amount of time, the fat cells go into a process called apoptosis, or “cell death.” The more superficial skin cells are protected by a cool air device that keeps the skin cells at a safe temperature while deeper tissue is heated to the effective temperature that initiates the reaction and produces real results. We love these results just as much as our clients do!

Advantages of HotSculpting over CoolSculpting

  • Both extreme heat and extreme cold utilized properly will destroy subcutaneous fat cells and lead to desired fat reduction results.
  • Heating the tissue triggers collagen fibres to shrink and reproduce which creates a lifting and tightening effect. Cooling the tissue will not initiate this response.
  • Using the Fotona HotSculpting method allows the practitioner to be more specific in increasing patient tolerance, getting more precise results, and allowing more versatility in treatment.
  • With the ability for HotSculpting to destroy fat cells, tighten and lift the skin, and create textural changes all at the same time, HotSculpting proves to be a much more cost-effective treatment in the end.
  • While HotSculpting shrinks collagen fibres that surround the subcutaneous fat, this treatment will also significantly decrease cellulite pockets, and smooth out the texture of the skin.
  • HotSculpting is fast, extremely safe and comfortable for patients. Treatment can be fit into a lunch hour and patients can immediately go back to work.

ZO’s Cellulite Control Body Smoothing Creme

At Smooth, we make sure our clients are set up for ultimate results. This includes a little homework along with maintaining regular treatments – utilizing treatment specific topicals that are designed to work like medicines within the skin. We know the active ingredients within the product are entering the skin and heading to the desired target layers which communicate the desired action. When undergoing our HotSculpting treatment program, our clients are sent home with ZO’s Cellulite Control Body Smoothing Creme. This medicated topical agent works by reducing the nocturnal gene that regulates the fat cells circadian rhythm. This means that our fat cells function and follow light and dark. Overnight, the gene turns on and the fat cell goes into storage mode. Yup! You read that right… we make and store fat while we sleep. The ZO Cellulite Creme helps make sure that the body breaks the habit of making and storing fat by tricking the fat cells into thinking that it’s always day time.

How It Works

This medicated topical agent works by introducing the Saccharide Isomerate molecule derived from plankton extract to the fat cell receptors. This molecule confuses the nocturnal gene into thinking it is still light, keeping the gene turned off and inhibiting fat storage in the area treated. Clinical trials have proven that after 8 weeks of use, there is a 30% reduction in fat storage and a 30% increase in lypolysis (fat cell death) when combined with fat reduction treatments like Hotsculpting.

Fun Fact

Did you know that C55 H104 O6 is the periodic combination of FAT? Yup! This means that fat is made up of Carbon Dioxide, Water and Oxygen. This means that when we lose fat, it does not turn into energy, and it does not leave the body in solid form. 84% of fat is expelled from our body in our BREATH! The rest is expelled through our urine.

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