What can water do for our minds, body, and skin?

It’s no secret that water intake is essential to our wellbeing. We have read it and heard it so many times from health-care professionals, parents, teachers, and you have probably heard it from your skin health practitioner at one point or another. However, even though we understand that water is important, we don’t always drink as much as we should. The body is an amazing machine — it automatically sends messages through the nervous system when something is off-balance, just like when a car needs an engine check. Unfortunately, we often tune these messages out, pass them off as “normal” or “growing old”. It’s amazing how our minds will ignore discomfort for long periods of time until the body needs to go to drastic levels just to get your attention. It’s time now to understand WHY water is so essential to a balanced and healthy body.

Your body is made up of 70% water. It is primarily stored in the dermis which is the lower levels of the skin and is continually being released through the body to help move blood toward the cells for nourishment as well as moving lymphatic waste materials out. Water is also found in your major organs. If fact, a lot of your organs are mostly made up of water as well! Water is also required for proper fluidity throughout the body. This means movement. When a hormone is released, it requires fluidity to send the proper message to the proper system. It then needs fluidity for proper elimination after delivering its message — once the message has been successfully received a hormone will die, like a bee that has released its stinger.

Water is essential for the nervous system. Messages that create thoughts and feelings travel along with the nervous system to the brain, which then creates the appropriate reactions. Without water, this system becomes sluggish and the brain begins to shut down. The body gets tired and fatigued, and brain fog sets in.

The liver requires water to process junk in the body and eliminate it as waste. Without sufficient water, the liver isn’t able to release efficiently and it can cause some serious problems. Water is required for the proper elimination of the skin as well.

Skin cells are designed to reproduce every 28+ days. When a cell is damaged, it will force premature cell death and a fresh cell will be generated to take the old cell’s place. Without sufficient water storage, these sick, dying cells become stuck and trapped in the layers of the skin. Once the cell is dead and not moving, it rots and releases free radical waste among the living healthy cells. In turn, cellular breakdown occurs which creates premature and aggressive aging. These are just a few points on the importance of water intake.

We hear a lot of excuses from people about why they can’t drink water.
– “It makes me need to go to the bathroom so frequently.”
– “I have such a small bladder.”
– “I can’t stand the taste of water.”
– “I get water in my coffee.”
– “I don’t like water.”

The coffee excuse is something that we hear often. Coffee is a diuretic. Yes, you need water to brew the coffee. But once the caffeine metabolizes in your body, it increases your need to release water — not so good for water storage. Limit your caffeine intake, or if you absolutely need more than one coffee a day, be sure to increase your water intake. For every coffee or non-herbal tea, add 2 cups of water.

Don’t forget that we also find water in our food. There are plenty of veggies that help get those water levels on the rise — and they taste fantastic. Although most people jump to the fruit aisles for water-loving foods, lettuces and cucumbers are made up of 96% water, while watermelon is actually lower at 92%? Fruits are great but they are generally pro-inflammatory thanks to their higher sugar content, which is not great. Challenge yourself to load up more on leafy greens, cucumbers, celery, green cabbage (which at 93% water is still higher than a watermelon!), peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach.

Water is super important so make sure you’re getting as much water as you can! If you have any questions about what water does for the skin and how to up your water intake, let us know!

TIP: If you are experiencing frequent bathroom stops with proper water consumption, try adding a small dash of Himalayan sea salt (pink rocks in a grinder) along with some lemon, cucumber slices, or both. The lemon and cucumber will mask the salt in the water, but the salt will help draw the water to the dermal tissue and store it among your hyaluronic acid molecules. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally found in the body and will hold 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. The salt will naturally draw the water to the “ground substance” through a process called chelation. Chances are with this small addition, you won’t be running to the loo so often.