Skin Health Consultations

At Smooth, we believe that a proper initial consultation will ensure the best possible results for the treatment you’re looking for. During your skin health consultation, you will learn how the skin functions and what it needs in order to function in a harmonious way. From there, your specific skin health concern will be discussed and broken down to the root cause to ensure we take the best approach to improvement.

Education is key

We’ll show you how your body’s internal responses to external elements (stress, pollution, diet etc.) can literally show up on your skin.

In the consultation, we’ll discuss what’s going on, how your skin is responding to these elements and what course of treatment is required that doesn’t have you reaching for that “promise in a jar.”

Our goal is to empower you and help you take control of your skin health, set you on a path to smooth skin that is radiant and youthful, and make sure you feel secure in the investment you’re making.

Here’s what we’ll review

All Skin Health Consultations run a minimum 1 hr in length. A Smooth Skin Health Consultation will review the following conditions:

  • rosacea
  • acne in all forms
  • hormonal/bacterial issues
  • skin care product triggers
  • oily/congested skin (blackheads)
  • aging skin
  • broken capillaries
  • transitioning skin
  • effects of puberty
  • skin health (20’s to 40’s)
  • menopausal skin (all stages)
  • sun damaged skin
  • inflammatory skin concerns

Skin health Consultations run about an hour or so. We charge a $75 fee for a Skin Health Consultation. This fee will be credited back to your account if you proceed with any of the skin treatment options discussed with you or purchase recommended skin care products.