Smooth Skin Testimonials


“I had a lot of acne in my late teens and had trouble with picking at it and popping pimples. I ended up having red scars all over my face and continued to get acne. Then I discovered Smooth Skin Health and I feel like it has changed my life in so many ways! Almost all my scarring is gone and I never have more than any break out the odd time. I can feel very confident going out without makeup on and wearing less makeup because my treatments have also improved my skin. The owner, Aimee, is very knowledgeable and approachable. She made me feel very comfortable with all the procedures I had. I can’t thank her enough for my “new” skin! I recommend these treatments for anyone struggling with acne. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”


“Aimee is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled technician. While I took care of myself as well as I knew how in my teens and twenties, like most of us more concerned with enjoying life, I forgot to take really good care of my skin. After seeing Aimee at Smooth for only two treatments thus far, my skin is incredible! The sun damage is healing and disappearing, the marionette lines around my mouth, the deep, deep, wrinkles that made me self conscious for ages are starting to soften. I am so grateful for Aimee, her skills and her honesty, that I look forward to seeing her at the clinic knowing that not only will my skin glow, but I will glow from the inside because I am able to love what I see in the mirror. “


“Meeting Aimee and the Smooth Team seven months ago absolutely changed my life! I am 30 years old, a working mother with a busy life and was constantly experiencing skin problems, acne , dryness and frequent changes in the condition of my skin. I’ve used many high end products and inexpensive natural products throughout my life, some of them working but ALWAYS on a temporary basis – a week of good skin then reverting back to the same problems. I was constantly frustrated wasting my money on new products and always having to buy new makeup to cover up my skin. When I met Aimee I was blown away over how knowledgable, kind and honest she was about her work and the products she treats her clients with. She introduced me to the ZO line and regime (until I saw results of course I debated weather it would be like all the other brands and not actually help me or be effective). Within the first few days/ first week my skin was already GLOWING, blemishes were fading FAST, my skin tone was evening out and most of all I felt confident in my own skin. I have been using the ZO Line for 7 months, and my face has never felt or looked better in my whole life. I don’t have to buy other products (I rarely even wear makeup now) saving me tons of money that I would have spent monthly on ineffective beauty “fixes”. Knowing I am putting my money into products that actually provide beautiful and lasting results is an incredible feeling – not to mention every time I see Aimee she is personable, open and just a beauty game changer! I’m so happy I took the time to meet with her. I call her products my liquid gold and I thank her and her clinic for making such a positive impact on my life! “


“It’s taken me some time to put this to writing, however, I send gratitude and appreciation every day to Aimee for her clinical expertise, and holistic approach in sharing her knowledge and passion for skin care and natural beauty. I have been seeing Aimee as a patient for over a year, and in that time she has helped me to see noticeable and even remarkable improvements in certain areas of concern on my face. The “jowls”, “eye hoods”, thinning lips” and age spots that simply come with aging are reversing! What I love most is that Aimee uses procedures which do not change her clients faces, but rather, her client’s skin is retrained to change itself. I have grown to trust Aimee for skin care advice, product recommendation and treatment plan. As a mother of three children and owner of two restaurants, it is easy for me to neglect myself. After having had several treatments at Smooth with Aimee, and witnessing my lines retract and spots fade, I continue to feel my energy and confidence re-surge, and it’s exciting to experience!’


“I was skeptical, and very surprised to see real results within weeks of the treatment. I noticed less puffiness around my eyes, and fine lines around my mouth and eyes had softened. My skin is brighter and tighter. Other people have been asking why I look so refreshed. I feel I look better at 45 than I did at 25. That is empowering.”


“Aimee is a wealth of knowledge! She only recommends the products that are right for you. I won’t go anywhere else or use any other products other than the Zo line. Aimee will help you achieve your best possible skin!”


“I cannot recommend Smooth enough! Aimee is amazing! Such a professional – she made me feel so comfortable during my procedures. I had laser hair removal on my legs, and after just 1 treatment I noticed an incredible difference and after 2 more I have nearly no new growth! I also had hot sculpting treatments, it has been a fantastic experience, I have dropped at least one pant size within two treatments and definitely noticed a tightening of the skin in my problem area. This treatment is perfect for the last push when trying to tone up. Be sure to check Smooth out, you will not be disappointed!”


“I have been struggling with acne for over a decade now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on various products but have never been able to find anything that actually works. Then I met Aimee and that all changed. She is very knowledgeable, not only on her products but skin care overall, and because of her experience my skin has never looked better. Aimee has gone above and beyond helping me through my skin care journey and I am forever grateful. I have become more confident in my own skin and she is a big part of the reason why.”