It was once said to me “Don’t be silly Aimee, there’s no creativity in medicine”. I pondered on that comment for some time. Then it dawned on me just how inaccurate this statement is! Without creativity in medicine, we wouldn’t exist. Medicine follows a scientific pathway, however, it takes a creative mind to find these scientific paths and develop medicine to accurately understand and treat disease by correcting those pathways that have become outdated. Therefore I like to think, Medicine is creativity at its finest. A very wise doctor whom I hold close to my heart has said, “Indeed it is an art that uses science, but the art is considered equally important”.  His artistic expression created a device that has saved millions of lives.  Without his artistic talent and mind, asthma would still be kicking our butts.  Another important doctor closely involved with Smooth, Dr. Ashraf Badawi, has said to me recently “I don’t do any of my treatments the same way as I did even just a year ago”. His creative mind is continually learning and creating new approaches for even better outcomes.

Continuing on the topic of creativity, it came to me on a very creative sunny summer morning, after the recent extreme bout of intense heat, that our skin had just taken a massive beating. Total knockout! It doesn’t matter how strong and healthy our skin is, some factors can trump even our best skin care practices and put our glowing complexions through a massive beating. I then proceeded to think of what ways we can increase the skin’s resistance to this continual injury. How can we efficiently maintain the initial summer glow that we experience at the beginning of the short summer season? Then, my “AHA” moment hit me and the ultimate summer skin health treatment was born.

A treatment I like to call The Royale Smooth with a boost…. Pigment Fiction!

Why pigment fiction you may ask? I preach time and time again about how tanned skin is causes havoc in the underlying layers. Old pigment granules slow down our skin renewal process, increasing inflammation and oil, which becomes a toxic waste for our cells, collagen, and elastic tissue.  It is not a pretty picture in those layers of the skin. I don’t kid myself, I would be a hypocrite if I told you that I hide in a cave all summer long in order to avoid the sun and stay forever young. That would be ludicrous for a Canadian! We have to endure so many months of cruel cold windy weather, for some of us, including myself, summer is all we have to fill our cups full of vitamin D and endorphin building sun, shining bliss! How do I do it then?  I refuse to overload my pigment cells. I make sure that while exposed, I am protecting my skin with appropriate SPF protection. After sun exposure all summer long, I help my skin’s natural metabolizing properties to break up the used up the pigment and allow my skin to breath. I keep my skin hydrated, moving, controlled, and GLOWING!

I am here to always help you achieve your skin health goals. The Royale Smooth has been designed to kick start your skin’s defenses, get rid of used up pigment, increase your skin’s hydration factors, rebuild important collagen and elastin fibres, and regain that summer beautiful glow.  The Royal Smooth treatment is a pure creative genius to the skin, just as Mozart is to the ear and Deepak Chopra is to the soul.  You won’t find this treatment anywhere else and it has been created just for you!