You may have seen us talk about five-star service on our Instagram last week. We really wanted to highlight what makes a service worth it. We have had people come in and ask why our pricing is what it is. Truth is, the price point is higher when you are receiving more than just your standard treatment. We want to be completely transparent with our clients about the services they will receive by educating them from their first consultation to their follow-ups! We are breaking down what quality service means. Everything from price points, to practitioner education, and investments in the little things that add up to make Smooth a top of the line clinic.

Somewhere along the way, in the ever-growing world of cosmetic practices, we have lost sight of quality in a world of impatience that values quantity more than quality. With social media showing us pictures of immediate (overnight) results, along with promises of low cost and quick results, our focus on reality becomes foggy. It is hard to decipher what makes sense, what is logical, and what is just smoke and mirrors. With filters at our fingertips, we no longer need to be artfully skilled at photoshop to market a promise of ultimate beauty at a low price point. Of course, these marketing ploys are catering to the stories we like to tell ourselves. They suggest that you can not afford those expensive treatments, but if you can go somewhere a little more unconventional where they offer lower prices for the same results.

What could be behind a higher price point?

Details that we don’t consider really do play a large factor. At Smooth, one of our main goals is to provide our clients with full transparency. Providing our clients with five-star service does come with a price, however, it is a price that provides a clear risk-benefit ratio.


To offer the best services, Aimee has chosen the most effective laser equipment. While the Fontana is not an overly marketed piece of equipment, the company chose to let the machine and its results speak for itself. Fontana is 50+ years in the making. Ensuring this machine is results-driven, it allows practitioners the ability to manually adjust the settings. No presets mean more creativity and the ability to change the treatment parameters to suit the patient’s needs. Fontana chose quality and a patient growth time frame to establish a strong reputation for education and proven results. Along with choosing the best equipment is checked and maintained every 3 months. A cost she does not skip out on as it is her priority to ensure the equipment she uses on her clients is in pristine working order for safety and efficacy. To be completely honest, the results speak for themselves.


Everyone wants to trust their skin health practitioner. Whether they are working on your face or with a laser, you want to make sure that they are trustworthy and that they will not harm you in any way. One way to prevent that is to make sure that your skin health practitioner is educated in what they’re doing. Aimee invests in continuing education for herself and her staff. I am sure you have noticed the certificates on her treatment room walls from overseas. Annually, she chooses to attend master classes and lectures to maintain her knowledge and treatment practices are continuously on point.


Using the right product is SUPER important. It can be so overwhelming going into a store and having to choose from shelves and shelves of nice-looking, pretty smelling products. But, a lot of people end up paying a lot of money for products that they are told work miracles, but really don’t work at all. We want to make sure that you are confident in your products and we want you to know that your products are changing your skin and giving you the results you want. Aimee has only one product line that she offers her clients. What makes ZO her only product selection choice, amongst having consistently proven results within her practice, is that ZO themselves invest in their line as well. Having double-blind clinical trials backing their products and formulas with a very expensive endeavor that no other line offers. Having these studies published in the journal of dermatology is yet another investment to offer a sound mind in your investment. While ZO packaging is pleasing to the eye, it goes beyond aesthetics, Packaging designed to stabilize the integrity of the active medical within, ensuring the product is always results-driven and focused.


When you look at yourself in the mirror every day, it may not seem like you are seeing any changes in your skin. Having a high-quality photography set-up, allows us to keep track of how your skin is changing over the course of your treatments. When you can see results as they are happening, it makes your skin journey a lot easier and enjoyable. Aimee has invested in high-end medial grade photography set up. Having this practice in place ensures we are doing the utmost to offer you exactly before and after photos, without shadows or change of lighting. While iPads and phones are great for playful photography, they do not show the depth of the pores and fine lines, as well as that they are an inconsistent example of proper lighting and clarity.

Medical Directors and Advisors.

We want to make sure our clients are getting the best care possible. If we have a client whose skin is a little tricky, we make sure we have any concerns addressed before beginning treatment. When we need a second opinion or someone to help our clients achieve optimal health inside and out, we have a group of professionals that are available to help us make sure our clients are taken care of in all aspects of their skin health. We like to have secure Aimee has established medical directives and advisors to ensure the safest, most effective practices and standards for your cosmetic investment are always met. This is a standard not always followed by most clinics as it comes at an additional cost and is not of necessity. The choice was clear to Aimee to stand by her high standard of care and service.

Finally, what makes Smooth a 5 Star clinic? Aimee’s attention to detail and care for all of her clients. Holding their hands while going through intensive treatment. Following clients very closely with their follow up visits to ensure their questions are answered and they are comfortable and feel confident to move forward.

Next time you are enticed to choose treatments due to price over possible quality. We encourage you to consider what allows the clinic to advertise such a low price point. Ask yourself, what is the risk/benefit ratio? Chances are, you will be slighted somewhere in the price cut.