Why Radical Night Repair Challenge?

Wondering if you are a good candidate for the challenge? Here are a few good reasons why we say BRING ON THE PEEL!

1. You could be using all of the right skincare and taking the best care of your skin, but that does not necessarily mean that your skin is healthy. The environment and chronic don’t care about how much you wash your face. Unless you are living in a bubble, your skin is being attacked from the inside and the outside on a regular basis. Maintaining proper functional skincare on a daily basis is the key to healthy skin, but sometimes, a little hit to the skin here and there is just what your skin needs. Little hits only make you and your skin stronger and more resilient for whatever tries to take it on.

Here are a few stressors we are talking about:

– Chronic internal mind stress/stressful life events

– Chronic internal dietary stress/lifestyle

– Late-night binges

– Extreme changes in weather

– Excess oil

2. Movement in the skin is important. We may think we are doing well when dealing with stressors, but truth be told, these above elements are always going to overpower. Stimulating a purge promotes movement in the skin, pushing out debris, old hormones, and stress hormones that could have accumulated.

3. It’s great to challenge yourself. Not only does this challenge leave your skin glowing, but it also reminds you that you can do anything. It only makes you stronger and more resilient in all ways. Spiritual and beautifying.

4. Just get rid of what no longer works for you. At the end of the day, why keep gunk around? Metaphysically and physically. Looking at yourself while feeling “blah” is a super big block. Doing a peel after harsher seasons such as winter and Summer always helps to clear your view and helps you to see the beauty and potential in yourself.

Fall 2019’s challenge came after a very hard and long personal journey for myself. It is showing and reminding me of my strength, authenticity, empowerment, and vulnerability as I put myself out there on video for the world to see when I was not feeling my best, and at the end, the ability to say I did it and damn do I feel beautiful!!

As always, I am here to see you through and cheer you on to be your best self ever!!

I can’t wait to see more Smooth Skin Healthy faces around town.

Well done my loves!

– Aimee